Thank you for your interest in employment with Cedar Valley Friends of the Family.  Cedar Valley Friends of the Family is dedicated to providing meaningful and quality services to persons regardless of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, marital status, socio-economic status, and religion. We celebrate diversity and strive to meet each individual’s culturally specific needs.  Our agency embraces these same beliefs in our employment practices, and encourage all interested persons to respond to job postings regardless of any identities held in the classes stated above. Please see below for our current openings and directions on how to apply.


Job Title:   Part-time Shelter Advocate

Reports to:   Shelter Services ManagerNicole Quote

Position Status:  Hourly Position

Job Summary:  Provide advocacy services to those fleeing domestic violence and sexual assault

at the emergency Friends’ House shelter and over 24 hour crisis line.

Crisis Services Functions:

1.       Exhibit a belief in non-violence and a willingness to advocate on behalf of victims and their children who are affected by domestic violence and rape / sexual assault in a non-discriminating manner.

2.       Provide comprehensive support and advocacy to victims of DV/SA who seek services through CVFF 24 hour crisis line and emergency shelter.

3.       Achieve consistent safe and secure services adhering to and enforcing written procedures.

4.       While on duty provide supervision of the shelter facility and provide direct victim services to persons in the shelter according to agency procedures.

5.       Maintain advocacy network with community professionals and service providers.

6.       Maintain up-to-date familiarity with agency policy and procedures regarding crisis intervention in order to exercise good judgement in various situations.

7.       Respond to crisis calls and provide crisis intervention to victims and their children requesting emergency shelter and transportation assistance.

8.       Administer intake and departure forms with shelter clients. 

9.       Assess client needs and work with clients to achieve their goals and objectives. 

10.    Implement agency policies to maintain constant safety of sheltered victims and their children.

11.    Maintain a flexible work schedule as necessary to meet victim’s needs.

12.    Maintain an immediate awareness of all shelter activity and crisis line responsibilities as defined in the shelter operations manual with particular attention to the demands of overnight shifts.

13.    Complete client contact sheets on daily basis including statistical data and information pertinent to victim services provided by the employee.

14.    Complete timesheets and employee paperwork.

15.    Maintain advocate certification requirements and complete necessary paperwork.

16.    Attend Cedar Valley Friends of the Family Night Staff meetings.  

17.    Comply with the policies and procedures set by the Cedar Valley Friends of the Family administration.

18.    Work with on-call person to coordinate services/respond to requests.

19.    Research and update Referral Guide. 

20.    Assist day staff with developing activities and programs for clients in shelter.

21.    Assist with processing and organizing donations.

22.    Log client donations in to the Donation Tracking spreadsheet

23.    Input Hotline calls into Alice database.

24.    Maintain a clean and safe shelter environment and report maintenance issues to shelter coordinator.  Complete nightly check of cleaning list, finish any incomplete cleaning tasks and report these to shelter coordinator

25.    Inform Shelter Coordinator of low supplies.

26.    Perform other work assignments as requested.

Housing Responsibilities

  1. Complete SPDAT screenings over the hotline and with clients staying in shelter, collecting all information needed to assess for housing barriers and identify access to programming.
  2. Understand the basics of the agency’s housing programs and refer clients/callers with specific questions an appropriate staff member                       

Position Qualifications:      

1.   High School Graduate with a minimum of two years work experience. 

2.  Previous experience in domestic violence or sexual assault and crisis intervention program preferred. 

3.  Ability to complete mandatory training to qualify as a victim advocate within 30 days of employment.

4.   Ability to travel throughout the rural service area to provide in-person advocacy and transportation services and to other locations within the state as necessary for training purposes.

To apply for this position, submit a resume and cover letter to or mail to Heather Clark at PO Box 784 Waverly, IA 50677.  This position will remain posted until filled.


Cedar Valley Friends of the Family’s Core Values:

Deliver the best client serviceLizzie quote

Services are centered around the client’s needs and goals.

We are non-judgmental and value the client’s strengths.

We will succeed where others have failed.

We will go above and beyond what is expected.

Our service is not average and we are not an average organization.

We will be creative, open minded, and innovative with client services.

We are determined that our success lies within the client.

We will be on time and respectful of others time.

We may see them as clients but it is truly customer service.

Embrace and drive change

We are a social change agency.

We can change the world.  The job we do allows us to have this vision and each person we successfully help moves us closer to that goal.

We acknowledge that change is necessary.  Not only for our clients but within our own lives.

We must take opportunities to educate and drive change when challenged.

We understand that the agency must evolve to grow and succeed.

Never accept or be too comfortable with the status quo.

We continue to evolve in programming, client services, community education, and how we use resources.

We embrace diversity and differences in people.  We understand that diversity is to be celebrated.

Pursue Growth and Learning

It is important to constantly challenge and stretch yourself not only in your job but in your personal life.

We believe that within every employee there is more potential than he or she realizes.

Our goal is to help you unlock that potential in a joint effort.

We encourage risk taking and innovation. Not every mistake is a problem. When we take risks mistakes will happen, but this will allow us to grow and learn.

No matter how much better we get, we’ll always have hard work to do, we will never be done.

There are no experts in what we are doing.  Every day we are striving towards becoming the experts.

Open and Honest Communication

We will trust our teammates.  With that trust we will accomplish much more.

We will always act with integrity in our relationships, to be compassionate, friendly, and loyal.  We are teammates and will support each other in and out of the community.

We will respect each other and their ideas.  We will give constructive feedback and not be defensive in our reactions.

We want everyone to always go the extra mile in encouraging thorough, complete, and effective communication with clients, the community, grantors, and each other.

We acknowledge that communication is difficult but that effective communication will help everyone understand the big picture of what we are accomplishing.


We will create an environment that is friendly, warm, and exciting.

We believe that some of the best ideas can come from the bottom up.  We encourage all employees to bring those ideas to the table.

The best team members will take initiative when they notice issues so that the team and agency can succeed.

Team members will take ownership of issues and collaborate with other team members whenever challenges arise.

We will strive to encourage and support one another in all aspects of our lives and work.  We understand that constructive criticism is positive and necessary for us to achieve goals.

Team members will have a positive influence on one another and everyone they encounter.

We will strive to eliminate cynicism and negative interactions.

We will create harmony with other teammates and all people we come in contact with.

We will have fun at work.  We encourage you be humorous and silly.  It is ok to be a little weird.

We watch out for each other, care for each other, go above and beyond for each other, because we trust and believe in each and every one of our teammates.

 Do More With Less

We understand that we have limited resources, but that does not stop us from delivering the best services.

We are good stewards of other people’s money.  We are transparent in all we do.

We will communicate our needs to the community for client and employee support.

We will take on big challenges and see them through.

We believe in working hard and putting in the extra effort to get things done.

We will continuously seek opportunities to be more efficient.

We are proud that we do more with less and will never let that affect our outcomes.

Lack of resources is not an excuse, but a reason to be creative and innovative.

We will only be successful with strong multi-tasking skills.

Be Humble

We don’t always have the answers.

We celebrate our successes as individuals and teams, and we are not arrogant.

We treat others as they want to be treated.

We understand that our success relies on each and everyone one of us as a positive team player.

We believe that the clients, teammates and agency take precedent over the individual.   We all work together not as one.

We carry ourselves with a quiet confidence and believe, that in the long run, our character will speak for itself